An analysis of the technique of lace a combination of weaving crochet or knitting

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Power loom weavers[ edit ] Further information: Queen Street Mill Power loom workers were usually girls and young women. In a few hundred years, cable came to be applied to ropes made from materials slightly stronger than hemp or linen—the word was used in particular of the iron chains used to tether ships to their anchors.

But Sabetta managed to knit it. Any yarn can be either knitted or crocheted, provided needles or hooks of the correct size are used, but the cord's properties should be taken into account.

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These meandering loops can be easily stretched in different directions giving knit fabrics much more elasticity than woven fabrics. In effect, each wing is a metamaterial: covered in layers of nanosized scales, arranged in a pattern called a gyroid surface, the wing absorbs most wavelengths of light, but reflects blue. She could see where the crochet had begun, whereas a true hyperbolic plane should betray no starting point and no direction. Individual stitches, or rows of stitches, may be made taller by drawing more yarn into the new loop an elongated stitch , which is the basis for uneven knitting : a row of tall stitches may alternate with one or more rows of short stitches for an interesting visual effect. Once you have found that point start knitting about half way along the colour you want at the edge mine was yellow Knit across the colour sequence until you get to half way through the edge colour on the other side. The color-scheme of a yarn is sometimes called its colorway. A length of yarn is all but inelastic, but when configured in slipknots — in patterns of knits and purls — varying degrees of elasticity emerge. Pairing a yarn over with a decrease keeps the stitch count constant. Cable began to be differentiated from rope: one was made of metal, and the other not. The cloth merchant who was a member of a city's weavers guild was allowed to sell cloth; he acted as a middleman between the tradesmen weavers and the purchaser. Weaving is a widely used constructional method because it is cheap, basically simple, and adaptable.

The word angora derives ultimately from the place where the rabbit breed was thought to originate: Ankara, Turkey. It originally referred to a band of fabric tied around the leg to keep stockings up. This means that the stitches are spread much further apart on mega knitting needles, making them more difficult to control.

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Extra curvature can be introduced into knitted garments without seams, as in the heel of a sock; the effect of darts, flares, etc. The uppermost white loops are unsecured and "active", but they secure the red loops suspended from them. The quality and ease of the weaving process depended on the silk that was produced by the silk worms. For example, a stitch slipped for one row before knitting would be roughly twice as tall as its knitted counterparts. However, this need not be so, since the order in which stitches are knitted may be permuted so that wales cross over one another, forming a cable pattern. Like weaving , knitting is a technique for producing a two-dimensional fabric made from a one-dimensional yarn or thread. Even when working in a combined mill, weavers stuck together and enjoyed a tight-knit community. Wool was a political issue. But not all knitted items can stand to be ripped out. The later angora, despite its initial confusion, is now used primarily of wool from Angora rabbits. Fair Isle knitting uses two or more colored yarns to create patterns and forms a thicker and less flexible fabric. In the 16th century, the cutting was removed from the equation altogether: lacemakers found a way to make, with needles, both the airy ground and the embroidered ornamentation at the same time. Men and women, usually from the same family, had their own roles in the weaving process. Nowadays, we associate cable with everything from the large-diameter metal ropes that support bridges to bundles of thin copper wire that deliver television signals to our homes. Take angora.

For a thicker central column, one can move the decreases so that they slant inwards: k, yo, dec 2 symmetrically, yo, k.

The upper red course is purled into the row below and then is knit, consistent with 'garter' stitch.

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Reis grapples with the likes of long-overhand shoelace knottingclimbing knots, basket weaving, surgical sutures, and how to pass on the art of surgical-knot craftsmanship to robots.

Daniels absorbed design advice from a group of specialized knitters, among them Elisabetta Matsumoto, an applied mathematician and physicist at the Georgia Institute of Technology and a co-host of the gathering.

This is the basis for bias knittingand can be used for visual effect, similar to the direction of a brush-stroke in oil painting. For 3-D pieces, stuff the piece with rolled up plastic grocery bags or other waterproof stuffing.

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