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About forty percent of her population are below the poverty line, and each of them fails to get even two meals a day. It is the backbone of the economy.

This is mainly because of weak industrial growth. I dream of an India, where farmers are respected as much as any other professional, where people are not superstitious, an India which is not only superior in science and technology but also in sports, where we are able to win maximum medals in Olympics and other international games, This is the India of my dream- this is the India in which I want to live-the India of which I am a proud citizen.

Mahatma Gandhi gave the Indian People not only freedom but also the new thoughts on non-violence and sustainable living.

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All agree that India is a beautiful land with fascinating tourist-spots. Dream, dream, dream. There would require a careful planning from the grass-root level to make our economy healthy. Industrial development too would make further strides and we would not remain backward in any area of industrial advancement.

I have a sweet little dream for my motherland. I dream of India that advances technologically and sees a boom in every sector. Distribution of national income It is the every human right to get the national income in equal.

No one can stop the growth and development of a nation full of educated and talented individuals.

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It has seen a huge social and economic growth over the last couple of decades. The common man is suffering at the hands of corrupt politicians who are only interested in fulfilling their own selfish motives. Women would be respected and liberated. I want it to grow at an even greater pace and attain newer heights to make its place among the first-rate countries. The satisfy of the human quest for further knowledge and the betterment, welfare, and service of mankind. They do not realize that lack of education is one of the main factors responsible for their poverty. India of my dreams should be rich with heritage and culture, should excel in fine arts, handicrafts, sculpture, architecture, dance, drama, literature, poetry, music, and her vast knowledge in vedas, puranas, etc and satisfy the human quest for further knowledge and for the betterment, welfare and service of mankind. My country should come up to my Satisfaction: The India of my dreams would be a productive country where the citizens would highly conscious of their rights they are to enjoy, and the duties they will discharge for the nation. New technology would be developed so that toxic fumes and effluents from motor-vehicles and factories are reduced to a minimum. These men were often incarcerated for fighting for what they believed in. Casteism Casteism is another major issue that needs to be worked upon. The State will look after the comforts of, and there would be no dissatisfaction in any corner. This was because of its riches, vast natural resources and the great, bright future it was expected to have in store, our rich, cultural heritage, old civilization and vast knowledge in every aspect of life had endeared India and Indians even to the outside world. I want the country to attain that glory yet again. Image Source : i0.
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