Poison disease and corrupt minds in william shakespeares hamlet

The murder of King Hamlet can effectively parallel the death of the state of Denmark by Claudius.

revenge in hamlet

Secondly, disease leads to death, so the diseased society of Denmark is doomed. Of them, Hamlet and Twelfth Night are perfect examples of both. The recurring imagery of poison can be interpreted as a metaphorical message throughout the play as poison is being poured into ears in the form of gossip, suggestions of revenge, slander, evil thoughts that spreads sickness and disease upon the entire court of Denmark.

Claudius, as the originator of the corruption in Denmark, is obviously the most evil, deceitful and corrupt character of the play. He comes to the conclusion that no one would willingly bear the pains of his life if they were not afraid of what comes after it.

Also, with the imagery created by Shakespeare, we as readers, can actually comprehend the feelings that are experienced by the characters in Hamlet, that are not always obvious, but remain definitely very important to secure optimum understanding of a great piece of literature.

Throughout such images, Shakespeare succeeds in creating an atmosphere of cold and desolated darkness. And though my sight be of seeing, it is not as it once was.

He used imagery of disease to hint how some of the different characters perceived Hamlet as he put on his "antic disposition". In this quote, the imagery of decay is present because both her father and the flowers have died. The resentful relationship that exists between Claudius and Hamlet is heightened with the use of imagery when Claudius asks about Polonius.

Shakespeare wonderfully creates these metaphors that add great dimension to the play of Hamlet. This directly causes the downfall of the castle and Denmark.

Poison disease and corrupt minds in william shakespeares hamlet

Nevertheless, if corruption is strong enough, it can hinder the good governance and decay the fabric of society. Unfortunately, this corruption affects him himself which causes him to go mentally insane and leads to his death. I would not, in plain terms, from this time forth, have you so slander and moment leisure As to give works or talk with the Lord Hamlet. Claudius is responsible for both the murder of his brother, and the murder of Denmark. These images are skilfully accomplished through the use of metaphors of rotting and dead gardens. The morality of several characters also decay. In this quote, the imagery of decay is present because both her father and the flowers have died. His body of his work is comprised of genres of plays varying from tragedies to comedies. Francisco's sick melancholy is in keeping with the atmosphere of corruption and decay which permeates the play; unexplained, difficult to define, but with a clear component of dread. Works Cited Shakespeare, William. Much like a disease, moral corruption, and references to disease, spreads throughout the court of Denmark until it is at last purged with violence. In Hamlet, Shakespeare depicts Claudius as the source of corruption in Denmark, which slowly spreads through Elsinore and leads to the downfall of Denmark. His true intention is not taking care of his kingdom or its people, but power and control, through the manipulation of others. This is the first time that Hamlet unleashes his thoughts on the situation and creates a visualization of death.
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Disease, Sickness, Death, and Decay in Hamlet Essay