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Mobile app available, too! Teens can find and follow their favorite authors and release their own works as serial novels. There are lots of information on the Internet, with great resources that will be useful for a teen who has plans to become a writer.

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But teenagers can be a finicky lot: if the adults in their lives are too excited or too supportive of a new goal, suddenly that aspiration is gone. The tools they have at their fingertips can spread a viral message in a matter of seconds.

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Kids can start their own local chapter and host events to raise money and awareness about global housing conditions. Cooler still, non-English writings are accompanied by translations to encourage language acquisition. The films are pretty impressive, too. The community offers a chatroom, forums, a social section, and literary columns which includes poetry, shorts, and story books. New Moon Girls is a subscription-based online community and print magazine for girls, ages You get to write a novel in a month, track your progress, get pep talks and support, and meet fellow writers online and in person. What happens is that the world is at war because of Heaven and Hell fighting for the Earth.

This is a site dedicated to helping teens share their musical compositions. I am writing a novel,a fantasy and romance with a bit of mystery it is and I am writing for Camp Nanowrimo YWp actually I am also on the other site,my cabin so motivating and I am at 17, words.

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Writers all over the world who want to be novelists will attempt to write about 50,word book within a month. Registration is free, and the music is quite good. Knowing where and how to publish enables us to set goals for ourselves throughout the year that culminate in accomplishments we can feel proud of! The good news here is that new websites are created daily, and teenagers can have access to loads of them. Read guidelines carefully for details. Year of the Snake! Find Jill online at jillwilliamson. Listen Up! With over 25 million members on Wattpad, you can get a good number of followers who will read your works and make comments on them. Smith Mag and Smith Teens are both homes for snappy, poignant storytelling, with a focus on personal narrative. Discover biweekly!
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4 Great Websites for Teen Writers